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金 霍



Founder Kim huo, keen to spirit. In 2001, a medical business advertising graphic production business for 10 years; Founded in 2010 the fountain of the company is engaged in the exhibition, logo design and production; Successively service vanke, longhu, jindi, su ning, and many other commercial real estate projects. Comes from the love of spirit, sets up the struggle for Chinese environmental art aesthetics lifelong ambition, spend more time, effort, research and development, production, service, environment art related supporting industries. As the founder of the fountain of positioning the tenet advertisement signs, metal sculpture for the main products; Create the fountain of products durable one hundred exclusive reputation; Clear focus on product, concerned about the staff, caring society as the enterprise core values; Continue to ascend ring art aesthetics and constantly advance.


创始人金霍, 热衷于工匠精神。 2001年弃医创业广告图文制作事业10年; 2010年创建金笔达公司从事展示、标识设计制作;先后服务万科、龙湖、金地、苏宁等众多商业地产项目。 源于对工匠精神的热爱, 树立为提升中国环境艺术美学而奋斗终生的宏伟目标, 投入更多的时间、精力研发、生产、服务环境艺术相关配套产业。 继往开来,作为金笔达的创始人定位广告标识、金属雕塑为主营产品; 打造金笔达产品耐用百年专属口碑 ;明确以关注产品、关心员工、关爱社会为企业核心价值观;持续为提升环艺美学而不断奋进。